Authentic Hue Countryside and Culture Cycling Tour

Authentic Hue Countryside and Culture Cycling Tour

As a special part of Hue soul, Huong River (or Perfume River) is like the hair of an elegant lady lying over the land with soft curves. The rice fields, corn fields and life of local residents add the vivid beauty and interesting stories to the river making herself so lively and familiar to everyone. If you are interested in seeking the authentic beauty of Hue and get to know the untold stories then this tour can leave you with great smile of satisfaction. The trip will take its start with the dragon boat going down the river, stop by a number of villages to explore the local life and noticeably you can join hand to make something for your own to bring back home.

Gather at hotel lobby at 7:30AM, meet your tourist guide and choose your bike to start a full day of Hue cycling trip to the countryside and the traditional craft villages.

Follow your tour guide to Toa Kham boat landing to take morning Dragon boat trip down on the Perfume River and enjoy the stunning landscapes along the river. After about 20 minutes, you will reach the first stop named Bao Vinh – an ancient village with over hundreds of years, take a walk around to enjoy the life and the history of this place.

Continue by boat to Trieu son village, visit communal house built in 1770 and local market before taking another cycling on the beautiful zigzag path to vegetable village and incense making village where you will have an opportunity to join hand with local people for the exclusive experiences.

After cycling around the village, stop at Thanh Phuoc boat landing, get on your boat and then cross the river to Sinh village which is famous for its traditional paper paintings. Arrive at Mr Ky Huu Phuoc’s house, spend some time to talk with the artist about this special kind of craft and learn how to make the painting from the traditional materials. Mr. Ky is willing to guide you step by step so that you will have such a great souvenir to bring back home. You will have lunch with local dishes after that.

Great local dishes and a good rest during lunch time would refresh you for the next cycling trip to Thanh Tien village which is famous for its traditional craft of making paper flowers passed down to generations about four hundred years. The artisan will teach you how to make the paper lotus with sophisticated steps. You can choose to make paper lotus in different colors, pink for supreme power, white for purity and

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