> Guideline for sellers
Guideline for sellers supports local people by promoting their travel services for free. not charge any fees for selling jobs as well and it does not provide any payment system. It is up to the mutual agreement between sellers and customers how the service will be delivered and paid.                                                           

How to register

If you want to offer your services please register as described below:                                                                                              

1. You can connect with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account


2. You can register with your email:


How it works

It is necessary to post at least one service in order you could be contacted by a customer. If you offer various services it is requested to post them each as a separate job.

For example:

You are able to work as a private tour guide in Bangkok. Moreover you provide airport pickups, interpreter services, some excursions around Bangkok, visa help and you are able to also find any local business contacts in Thailand.

You should post your services separately in the relevant categories as described below:

If you work only as a tour guide offering many tours and would like to post only your tours you can do it in two different ways:

How to post a service

If you are intending to offer your services please follow the instructions below:


How to edit a service

After you log in you will get to the page with a title „My Jobs“. Find your service you want to edit and click on „Edit“ button. After editing do not forget to press „Save Job“ to make your changes effective. Your service will be published after changes are approved.

How are you contacted by potential customers 

If a customer is interested in any service he/she can contact directly you via our private messaging system. Once you receive private message you will be notified by email. From that moment you can share your information (your website, Skype, Facebook etc.) with a customer.

How to get paid

it does not charge any fees for selling as well. Due to the fact that does not provide any intermediary payment system and is not responsible for any deal. it does not charge any fees for selling as well. It is always up to sellers and buyers how the service will be delivered and paid e.g. you can get paid by cash, via PayPal, via your website payment systems or even within third party you are already associated with. Please see our Terms of Use.