> How to buy travel services and micro jobs
How to buy travel services and micro jobs

At you can find a wide range of local travel and related services. The main goal of is to develop a platform where all travelers can easily find all they need under one roof and other visitors can find various services that can be delivered only by locals.

Therefore, not only „typical“ travel services like guided tours, getting to know local people and culture,  transportation services can be found at Local individual and businesses can also promote various online services e.g. Skype language courses, visa help, translation services and other services that can be provided by local freelancers. At you can find e.g. local contacts for business purposes or somebody who is able to send you basically everything which can be bought only locally.

All services are divided into relevant categories


How to find what you need

If you look for a particular service in some location just click on the location on the right sidebar.

If you are interested in a particular category or you are interested in what kind of services can be found at click on the button „See more categories“ on the homepage.

A combined searching both in categories and location is available when you click on any category or location. In the header you find Search jobs and then you will see „Search Filters“ on the right sidebar.

If you did not find what you were looking for do not worry there are two simple ways how we can help you to find what you look for.

You can post a request:

Alternatively you can try to directly contact any seller in the location you are interested in. It is possible that he/she can help you or would be able to find a relevant local contact for you.


How to contact a seller

To contact a seller you need to be registered and logged in. Please register as described below:

After you are registered and logged in just click on the job you are interested in and click on the green button „Contact Seller“. Then you can send a direct message to the seller. When you receive the reply from the seller you will be notified by the email provided during the registration.