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About us promotes local travel services

There are millions of people in the world who request services that can be delivered only by local people. is a website that enables to find and contact local individuals and businesses directly. It is primarily designed for travelers in order to find all travel services easily under one roof. 

But not only travelers appreciate a wide range of services listed at The diversity of services makes the site useful for anyone who looks for services that can be delivered only by locals. Our motto is: Rely on locals, meet locals and support locals.

Services posted at can be various and covering different categories. Nowadays they might also be called „micro jobs“. Micro jobs appeared on a large scale recently and they seem to be a new global trend in the world´s economy. A micro job is, as the word infers, small paid task. The basic concept of micro jobs is to receive a small fee for a small task.

Some of services listed at might be basic and are delivered mostly online: e.g. giving travel advices and answering travel related questions, online local food cooking courses, selling travel e-books, visa help or language services (Skype lessons, translation services etc.) However, crucial services at are more noteworthy and conveyed directly like guided tours, excursions focused on getting to know local culture and customs, interpretation services, organizing local family or business events, airport pickups, private transportation services or car rentals to name a few.

Types of local travel services are virtually unlimited, only imagination and the sky is a limit. For example can be used for finding a local private or business contact that is able to send basically anything that can only be bought locally.

More information about the services listed at and information how to request service which is not currently posted can be found here.                                                                                                                                                              

JOIN US! It is for FREE! No fees for posting, no commissions for selling has become the best place to advertize local travel and related services because sellers are not charged by any fees for posting and selling. does not provide any payment system and it is up to the agreement between sellers and customers how the service will be paid (cash, PayPal etc.)

Detailed information for sellers and advantages why to promote local services at can be found in  the Guideline for sellers.

                                                                                                  Responsible travel

Responsible travel is based on the  economic and socio-cultural sustainability in the travel industry. Economic sustainability simply means keeping money local and socio-cultural sustainability stands for the preservation of cultural and local traditions. Both can actually be achieved by locals when involved in the tourism. It brings benefits to both travelers who get true local experience and locals who keep their businesses and culture alive. Read more at Importance of supporting locals via micro jobs.